febrero 28, 2011

An Image In The Train

I sat down in front of a 40-year-old woman. It’s amazing how crowded this train can be and how fast gets empty after some stops. Next to me there’s a guy with a funny haircut checking his univ’s notes. I start to read though our train didn’t move yet.

12:36 we feel that strange noise and tough move every time a train starts to move. “It’s good I’m in this side of the train as the sun is shinning as hell in the other one” I’m thinking. And suddenly I can see these images I wish I could snap and I regret about many times at that time.

Why in the name of nature it seems perv try to take photos of people in crowded places. I answer myself with logic though I still this image is like a piece of art.

My seat in the train is in front and very close to the door; in the corridor or hall dividing cabins there’s a couple: a brunette guy and a blonde girl, he’s kind of slim and tall and she’s short and chubby and both are looking through the window. He puts his head on her shoulder while his arms are around her waist and from time to time (od czasu do czasu) they smile and kiss. But although this is a good image there’s a detail that makes it unique.

In the small window that door has there’s the reflect of a girl sat down in the other side of the cabin just next to the window (to be clear she’s in the same seat as me but in the other side, on the left, do you know what I mean?) and she’s very beautiful: black long straight hair, pale not British pale, more like normal pale, big sleepy eyes, small nose and small mouth. She’s also looking through the window but her facial expression is sad and that looks cute.

So, the whole concept you can get about this image is that we have a happy couple, having fun? At least enjoying themselves in a normal Polish train trip, while you can see in a reflex of a window, covering a bit a sad beautiful girl thinking about love? Maybe yes probably not but to make like a story about this we can say that yes. Ok, probably this image looks like an awful special effect in a George Michael’s music video but it looks nice anyway.

And there goes another good lost snap and I always regret to forget my camera and the only thing I can do is to rebuild that image in my mind.

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Es un placer leerte.

Luistigre dijo...

Olga: un placer tenerte por estos lados

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