marzo 30, 2011

10 things I don't like about Poland

Well I'm living here in Poland for about 20 months and even though I like many things, like hundreds, there are other which I dislike they are few and here they are:

10. Party time

Who doesn't like parties? Well Poles like too but timing in parties is what I don't like. Usually parties start like at 9 pm and last until 2-3 am. It's like they have an alarm that rings exactly at that tie to say 'OK, time to go' I remember parties at home usually last till 7-8 am.

9. Football

Polish football in general sucks. They had a bright era in the 70s but now nothing has left from it. Polish national players are always involved on problems (lately they organised an orgy in a hotel) and results are not with them even though next year Poland will be host of Euro. Teams are also under average and here in ZG we don't even have Ekstraklasa.

8. Drunk people

This doesn't tend to be like a stereotype but you can find many drunk guys on streets even in the morning. They smell funny and leave their empty cans and bottles everywhere.

7. Complaints

Polish people complain about everything. It's amazing , they complain about roads, cities, people, politics, weather, schools, money, Europe, etc. They find bad things to anything. Imagine if they could be Bolivians...

6. Television

Another peculiar thing, TV in Poland is a pain the arse. Specially in the afternoons. They have billions of tv programs where middle-age teethless women recount about how shitty lives they have and cry all the program time out. I also have to say that after 10 pm tv gets better.

5. Sadness

Another thing and probably connected with tv is that Poles are sad people. Obviously not all of them but you can feel it in the air. Of course they had rough times in the past and now it's getting better somehow but anyway they have sad tv and sad mood specially old people. Very sad.

4. Language

Polish language is extremely hard to learn, and the problem is that if you go abroad, you don't need it. Basically I don't like this language 'cos I can't speak it properly yet but when I can probably I'd love it.

3. Weather

Everythings is ok since April to August, you have spring-summer time, 20-35 degrees and shinny sun during this time. But the rest of the year is just painful. The biggest problem is in winter. Gets -10 -20 degrees, it's dark at 4 pm and you feel depressed all the time even though snow is nice.

2. Religion

Poland is not catholic, it's ultramegasuperduper catholic and it influences in the way Poles live. In some places people are very conservatives and very closed-minded which is very baaaaad specially for me.

And the winner is:


1. Kapusta

Have you ever hated a vegetable? Living in Poland probably you can do that. Kapusta ladies and gentlemen is cabbage and before I came here to live I even liked it becouse you don't eat it frequently but here in Poland you have to. I think Polish people should put a light green stripe in their flag to show they like kapusta. I know how I'll punish my kids though.

As I said at the beginning, there are 10 I don't like about Poland but there are many more I like becouse I like to live here even if it has these little stuff.

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Tincho Sánchez dijo...

Mana intindiquichu, no espikin inglish

Luistigre dijo...

Tincho: No hay problema, también puedo ser profesor de inglés :D Saludos

DocHunter dijo...

@ 10.

Polish people are less 'partying' than Southern Americans, we'd rather have a nice tea party (with some vodka maybe) than a crazy all night party. For instance when a Pole says 'I can't dance' he usually means formal dances and that he didn't go to a dancing school.

@ 9.

I disagree, Polish football receives massive funding from the government, people build new stadiums and kids are playing football all summer long. In my opinion there's too much football in Poland, and it definitely has an ugly side (racism, hooligans).

@ 8.
Blame communism, these homeless people lost everything they had when communism fell. Hobos and drunks can be found everywhere.

@ 7.

We complain because we can. There was a joke about a Pole who escaped from Poland to America. The journalists asked him about the quality of life in Poland and he answered "can't complain". They asked him about food, and he said "can't complain." "So why did you escape?" "Because here you can complain."

@ 6.
So true. The cable TV is slightly better, but in general most polish tv series/reality shows are cruddy.

@ 5

Poles don't smile at strangers. Why should they? You're not their friend.

@4, 3

You can't help with the language and the climate. I love Polish autumn, and I hate to get all sweaty in summer.

@ 2.

After the death of the Pope the Poles are getting less catholic, which has its good and bad sides. Many beautiful Polish customs are disappearing already.
If someone is behaving like an intolerant jerk to you just remind them that Poland used to be a country of religious and ethnic tolerance, and today's Poland is something unique in Polish history. Being Polish used to mean to welcome guests and accept different nationalities or religions, so it's them who are being Anti-Polish

@ 1.

I hate kapusta, especially boiled kapusta (though i love it raw, in salads or soups). So even a born and bred Pole could hate it.

Muchas grazias for writing on my country

Luistigre dijo...

DocHunter: Awesome comment and as I said, it's only a point of view, basically I love Poland (more than many Poles do)


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